1. My Instafeed stopped working, what can I do?
The most common reason is an expired access token. Tokens are controlled by Instagram and can become invalid for security reasons (example: you changed your Instagram password, settings, etc). Just go to Instafeed, generate a new token and publish the feed again. Instafeed doesn't have any control over tokens.

2. How can I increase or decrease the size of my pictures?
The easiest way is to decrease/increase the number of columns in your feed, Instafeed will choose pictures size based on the space that it needs to fill. Alternatively, you can also decrease/increase the width of the section where Instafeed is.

3. How can I change the position of my feed?
The easiest way is to use your Theme Editor, check this video for Brooklyn Theme and this video for Debut Theme. Other Themes should be similar.

4. Can I add the feed to a different page instead of the homepage?
You can add the feed to any place you want in your site. Just go to the page you want to add Instafeed, click the code button code button and paste Instafeed code <div id="insta-feed"></div> to wherever you want to show your feed.

5. How can I manually add a title to my feed with a link to Instagram?
If you have a title in your Instafeed settings, remove it and copy the code below and add it before Instafeed code:
<h2 style="text-align:center"> <a href="[YOUR INSTAGRAM URL]" target="_blank">Follow us on Instagram</a></h2>

6. How can I use a different Instagram account than the one is displaying?
Go to Instagram in your browser and logout, login with the Instagram account you want to show in your feed, then go to Instafeed, generate a new token and publish the feed again.

If you need support drop me an email to [email protected].